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Mitel adds ‘Business Dashboard’
visual reports and ‘ACD Express’ to 3300

5550 IP console gets call handling boost

New Polycom wireless phones expand 3300 portfolio

UC Express 3.0 combines Outlook Integration
and streamlined desktop/phone management

Carrier Services Group recommends cost-cutting
phone and data services for VoIP Networks clients

VoiceGard provides affordable 24x7 ‘disability insurance’ for your phone lines


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October 2009


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Mitel adds ‘Business Dashboard’
visual reports and ‘ACD Express’ to 3300

Business Dashboard provides a real-time and historical view of what’s happening on your Mitel phone system so that you can improve business processes, increase performance, and identify opportunities for cost savings.


The Dashboard’s Reporter offers…

- Historical and real-time reporting for both internal and external call traffic

- Cradle-to-grave call reports for tracking and monitoring

- Basic call costing

- Filterable by extensions, groups, DDI, Trunk, etc.

- Customized reports

- Allows supervisory call monitoring and control with controls to answer, transfer, steal, and disconnect employee calls

- Audible and visible alarm conditions

- Traffic management reporting to see all trunk related activity such as call costs, trunk usage, and traffic patterns

The Dashboard’s Realviewer provides…


- Real-time display of call and employee statistics

- Extensive filter options that allow for customizable statistics

- Visual and audible alarms that highlight problems as they occur

- Assists with staff motivation


Connection Assistant Client features…


- Telephone and desktop system integration and control

- Call status monitoring of colleagues

- Screen pop database records on incoming and outgoing calls

- Integration with Outlook, GoldMine, Maximizer CRM, ACT!, and Access

- Monitoring of daily call activity with a personal call history log

- Management of calls at your extension using easy to configure rules and actions


ACD Express allows you to establish an informal contact center of up to 100 active agents − without an agent licensing requirement. ACD Express includes…


- 64 ACD Groups / 150 Agents per group / 500 Agents Max

- 100 Active agents per 3300 system

- Agent Hot Desking Log In/Out

- Agents in multiple groups with presence

- Make Busy

- Work Timer

- DND, Conference, Transfer, Auto Answer Support

- Silent Monitor

- Overflow

- Call Deflection using Phantom Hunt Groups

- Threshold Alerting/Queue Status

- Data Save/Restore

- Dimensioning


For more information about Business Dashboard and ACD Express, contact us today at (856) 795-4500 ext. 1 or  

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5550 IP console gets call handling boost


The latest Mitel 5550 IP Console software release improves the call answering efficiency and accuracy of your operators. Release 3.6 includes the ability of the 5550 to function with the Mitel Multi-Instance Communications Director server, Mitel’s Teleworker platform, and the Secure Call Recorder Connector.

Mitel has increased the capacity of the Multiple Company Directory and with Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 support on Windows XP, your attendants now have access to email and Instant Messaging.

Other key features of the 5550 IP Console include…

- Multi-Tenanting with Busy Lamp Field

- Incoming Call Directory Look-up

- Configurable Source Panel

- My Call & All Console Call History

- Transfer Assistant

The 5550 IP Console is designed to support high call volume situations, and is the ideal solution for enterprises requiring resilient attendant coverage throughout the network.

The experts at VoIP Networks are ready to help you implement this upgrade. Contact us today at (856) 795-4500 ext. 1 or


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New Polycom wireless phones expand 3300 portfolio


Polycom's SpectraLink Wireless Telephones operate on the converged voice and data Wi-Fi infrastructure of your Mitel 3300 IP phone system. This reduces costs and simplifies management, while improving employee mobility, responsiveness, and productivity.

The Polycom SpectraLink 8020 Wireless Telephone provides a lightweight design and extensive feature support to meet the needs of general office and management staff, while also providing a reliable option for front-line personnel in high-use environments.

- 802.11a/b/g radio

- Slim, lightweight design with large, graphics-capable display

- Lithium-ion battery for up to 8 hours talk-time and 160 hours standby

- IP 53 standard, for dust protection and resistance to spraying water

- MIL STD 810F for shock resistance

- Office-quality speakerphone for hands-free operation

- Navigation and soft keys for simple access to frequently used operations

- Backlit keypad for low-light usage

- Three QoS Options: SpectraLink, Wi-Fi Standard, and Cisco

- Enterprise-grade, voice-optimized security

The Polycom SpectraLink 8030 Wireless Telephone is suited for your distributed teams that work in harsher environments. It includes the same features and benefits as the SpectraLink 8020 handset, plus you get…

- Push-to-talk (PTT) functionality for workgroup communication

- Enlarged earpiece for operation in noisy areas

- Rubberized grips for improved ergonomics and durability

Wireless phones add mobility and flexibility to your business operations. Contact us today at (856) 795-4500 ext. 1 or  


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UC Express 3.0 combines Outlook Integration
and streamlined desktop/phone management


The Mitel UC Express offers you the ability to manage the functionality of your Mitel IP Phone with speed and ease – directly from the Windows taskbar on your PC desktop.

With features such as click-to-dial, caller line ID pop-up, and single-click transfer, UC Express simplifies routine communications and helps y
our staff improve their efficiency.

UC Express can be deployed both as a desk phone companion and as a softphone, so users who require both capabilities can move seamlessly between environments. When remotely connected to the Mitel Communications Director via a secure network, your mobile users can make and receive calls as though they were inside the corporate network.

UC Express provides out-of-the-box integration with Outlook, including search-and-dial Outlook contacts from the telephony toolbar, auto open a contact record based on incoming caller line ID, and creating a new Outlook task from an incoming call.

Additionally, your users can perform a Windows desktop search to locate documents, e-mails, and corresponding records based on the incoming caller ID – either automatically or at the click of a button.

Innovative businesses are looking for new ways to help their employees work smarter, more efficiently, and more cost effectively. For all the details about how UC Express can help your business, contact us today at (856) 795-4500 ext. 1 or


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Carrier Services Group recommends cost-cutting
phone and data services for VoIP Networks clients


Reevaluating your telecom services for cost savings needs to be an ongoing activity… With our ongoing consultative services, we make sure the process is easy, and more importantly, gets done. 


Our experts, at no charge to you, will analyze your telecommunication costs, determine if you are using the most efficient and cost effective plans and services available in your area, and recommend the best alternatives matched to your business needs.


VoIP Networks’ Carrier Network Services division is also ready to handle all your issues with local and long distance service providers, including:


- Ordering lines

- Scheduling the installation of new service

- Coordinating moves

- Reporting repair issues


We have saved VoIP Networks customers a lot of money and a lot of headaches.  Our expert analysis uncovers billing overcharges, opportunities to improve networks, and cuts costs. Let's get started! Contact us today at (856) 795-4500 ext. 1 or  


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VoiceGard provides affordable 24x7
‘disability insurance’ for your phone lines


Dial tone is not always a sure thing… And if you do lose dial tone, your business is effectively disabled. That’s why you need ‘disability insurance’ for your phone lines.

Protecting this lifeline for your business is critical for ensuring uninterrupted contact with your employees, customers, and partners. When that lifeline goes down − for whatever reason − you must have a plan in place and ready to go on a moment’s notice to stay in business.

VoiceGard is your “Plan B.” When service is interrupted, VoiceGard reroutes your calls to other locations, such as your teleworkers and branch offices, or to the cell phones of key employees.

VoiceGard sets up everything for you so you can easily transfer calls to the backup locations you select. You can access and change your recovery plan at any time through VoiceGard’s secure Web portal. When you need to implement your backup plan, you just dial a toll-free number. Specialists are on call 24X7 to support and restore your telecommunications.

Don’t let dial tone outages disable your business … We’ll help you put together an affordable, effective disaster recovery plan for your phone system or call center. To get started, just contact us at (856) 669-5100 ext. 1 or   


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